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What is Strength?

In follow up to the blog I recently wrote which you can access here, on how to produce strength using a single leg squat as an example exercise, I manipulated combinations of height and resistance in order to facilitate a greater range of motion under control. The speed at which you can facilitate an increased […]


How do we produce muscular strength?

I have recently been working towards my UKSCA accreditation, a process that I approached with great trepidation having never truly embraced the whole strength aspect of performance training as the corner stone to any programme. The accreditation process involves understanding periodisation, anatomy & physiology and also proficient techniques and application of Olympic Lifting. During my […]

Malta Tennis Tour: Review

A review of 9 days of Tennis conditioning with 6 boys aged 15-18 and two girls aged 14-16. The account is from my perspective as a Performance Coach as I consider factors that could affect performance and training quality as well as future athletic development. It is in no way a subjective portrayal of the […]

Running Away From Arthritis: Part 2

Following on from Part 1, which delved into the facts and figures concerning Arthritis and its many guises, I have followed it up with how you manage the debilitating condition through physical exercise and the benefits attached with it.   Despite the difficulties of suffering from Arthritis, it’s not all doom and gloom and preparing […]

Should an athlete ever suffer from a sports injury? (Part 2)

How can you prevent an injury occurring? In my previous blog I asked the question; should an athlete ever suffer from a sports injury? I concluded it by saying injuries can occur, through external, uncontrollable influences, but in essence a comprehensive training programme should prepare you for the physical demands you require and can control. […]

Should an athlete ever suffer from a sports injury?

  During this years Australian Open there were 12 matches forfeited due to injury to a participating player(tennisinsight.com), which is a statistic that doesn’t include players that withdrew prior to the tournament commencing or players, like Rafael Nadal in the final, who were injured during a match but continued until the contest was concluded.   […]

Ensure you run the right way this year! (Part 2/2)

In part 1 we discussed clothing and physical preparation to running in tips 1-5 So my final 6-10 tips for enhanced running ability if you are new to the primitive form of exercise are below. With tip 10 being THE most important of them all! 6)   Hydration Less is more. When running small frequent sips […]

Ensure you run the right way this year! (Part 1/2) 1

Every year people wake up on the 1st of January, throw back their covers and declare to the world they are going to change! How they change, and if they change could be a post on its own, however, the majority will declare that they will endeavour to get fit, healthy, lose weight or achieve […]