I offer a range of packages to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

One to One

  • Bespoke training programmes and specific individual private session
  • Goal Setting
  • Injury & movement screening


Semi Private & Small Group Sessions

  • Train with a friend or partner for moral support or halve the costs
  • Group functional classes aimed at injury prevention, improved mobility and all body strength and well-being.



  • Ideal for sports clubs, schools, sports teams and individuals on how to integrate functional strength & conditioning into their training programmes, so that they maximise their performance development and reduce their risks of injury.


Presentations & Workshops

  • Delivery of functional workshops & presentations into how the body moves. Covering sports specific performance, injury prevention, nutrition and programme design


Elite Sport Scholarships

  • An exciting opportunity for young individuals who have the potential to make a significant impact on their chosen sport but lack the funding to receive the support they need. I want to help by offering heavily discounted performance coaching and mentorship.


Limited spaces are available at anyone time. Please contact Ben to enquire if you are eligible to take your physical development to the next level.


For more information or too book a session the please contact me



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