Ensure you run the right way this year! (Part 1/2) 1

Every year people wake up on the 1st of January, throw back their covers and declare to the world they are going to change! How they change, and if they change could be a post on its own, however, the majority will declare that they will endeavour to get fit, healthy, lose weight or achieve a physical goal or some sort during the forthcoming 12 months.


I would then hasten to guess running will feature heavily on the agendas of most as well as a costly gym membership. The beauty of running however, is that once you have set yourself up, it is completely free, accessible, challenging and equally rewarding from both a health & fitness perspective.


So to anyone who is new to putting their best foot forwards at pace, hear are my 10 tips to ensuring you get the most out of your new favorite past time.




1)   Clothing

It is essential you wear the correct attire to suit your conditions. If it’s dark wear florescent clothing for your safety. If it’s cold ensure you have adequate thermals, hats and gloves. Windy and wet ensure you have waterproof & wind proof garments on. Not only will these help prevent you from catching a cold, but they will ensure you enjoy your run to its fullest, any misery early on could end your running ambitions before they have even started.


2)   Foot Wear

Equally essential is what you have on your feet. The foot is the first point of contact with the ground and influences the rest of the body positively if it works correctly or it can inhibit correct movement if it’s compromised. Go to any specialist running shop for a Gait analysis, and discuss with your running aims, goals and experience and they will determine the best shoe for you.


3)   Warm Up

Most injuries occur because the key muscles haven’t been activated. Ensuring ankles, hips, back and shoulders are mobilised through all three planes of motion will enable all the muscles to become pliant and work efficiently. By raising your pulse rate you will also allow blood to reach your muscles and start to activate the desired energy systems you will need.  Approx 10 min warm up will be sufficient.


4)   Running Techniques

  • Ensure hip alignment is neutral by checking your lower back isn’t tense, if it is then try to pull the front of the hip up until the tension at the back goes.
  • Start running by leaning forwards at the ankles to generate a controlled fall; the momentum generated by gravity will take a significant load off the ankles and knee’s. Emphasis is then on the hips to lift the legs to maintain the posture.
  • Use your arms. Keep elbows at right angles and drive them forwards in a linear motion to create an upper body torsion that will help produce an effective momentum.
  • Don’t over stride. You want to be aiming for approx. 90 steps per foot each minute.


5)   Cool Down

The body is susceptible to illness 30min post exercise due to the immune system being depressed. A 15 min mobiliser, stretch and pulse lowering exercise will enable the immune system to recover, as well as allowing the body to rid the muscle of its waste products and being the process of muscle building and recovery necessary for you to physically progress.

Please check my next blog for tips 6-10

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One thought on “Ensure you run the right way this year! (Part 1/2)

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    Karen Galpin

    Good tips Ben. Might be worth adding in item 1. clothing that people should wear running specific wicking garments which wick sweat away from the body to keep you cool and dry rather than cotton which holds on to sweat (a lot of beginners wouldn’t know that). Great website!