After only 5 sessions with Ben I took off 1min 30seconds from my 10km PB when competing in the London World Triathlon series, and I recently went under 20min for 5km for the first time. The running technique &drills Ben showed me have been significant in improved my performance. Some of the drills which increased my stride length, frequency and efficiency are now added to my weekly training routine and Ben has stressed to me the most important thing is to warm up before a session so that I achieve my optimum performance. His techniques for training triathletes are revolutionary and help me recover better and transition between the disciplines with ease.” P. Vymetalova, International Triathlete


As a national league hockey player I have been looking into ways of improving my performance on the pitch. Ben’s sports specific strength and conditioning training has reduced the number of injuries I have had as well as greatly improving my balance, speed and stamina.J. Foster


I came to Ben looking for the physical edge I was lacking through my current Strength & Conditioning, as I aim to become a professional Tennis player. In the 3 months we have been working together, Ben has highlighted and corrected all my injuries and dysfunctions whilst improving my speed, agility and balance. I still have plenty of work to do but I am confident with Ben’s expert guidance and knowledge I will continue to progress.” C. Morrow


“By removing my mobility restrictions that were present in my hip and back during my Golf swing, Ben added an extra 20 yards to my swing in just one session. Since then my ball strike is more consistent, accurate and I definitely drive further.” S. Jennings, Semi Professional Golfer


“Ben I think you must be some sort of miracle worker! Not that long ago I couldn’t run my 3 mile route without real pain and swelling in my knee! I ran the mudrunner classic this weekend in I time I am pretty proud of and my knee is absolutely pain free! Ok the muscles of my legs are saying they don’t like me and are satisfyingly sore but my knee and back are perfectly fine!” R. Dawson


“Just wanted to let you know that I just had a really great (for me) run. About 1h30min – felt like the easiest thing in the world. No flat and noisy feet, no sore piriformis , Achilles fine, hips not tight. Marvellous. Thanks so much.” A. Gregory


“Following major back surgery Ben has helped me get back in shape, be totally pain free and running faster than before the operation. Amazing stuff from a top trainer” J. Croft


“Ben’s training and rehab methods have been very effective in helping me to recover and regain strength and mobility after two 50+ mile ultras last year. Since regularly attending Ben’s functional movement classes my balance, coordination, flexibility and range of movement have really improved. I would thoroughly recommend it as a great supplement to running which definitely feels more fluid as a result.” K. Galpin


“Hi Ben, thank you for the session on Friday. The Dursely Dozen race was fantastic, I did it in 2:15 and I had no knee pain whatsoever, which is fantastic considering the adverse weather conditions. Its incredible on tuesday I couldnt run four miles on road due to knee pain. After one session with yourself I ran 12 miles of multi terrain. Thank you very much” J. Haken

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