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How do we produce muscular strength?

I have recently been working towards my UKSCA accreditation, a process that I approached with great trepidation having never truly embraced the whole strength aspect of performance training as the corner stone to any programme. The accreditation process involves understanding periodisation, anatomy & physiology and also proficient techniques and application of Olympic Lifting. During my […]

Malta Tennis Tour: Review

A review of 9 days of Tennis conditioning with 6 boys aged 15-18 and two girls aged 14-16. The account is from my perspective as a Performance Coach as I consider factors that could affect performance and training quality as well as future athletic development. It is in no way a subjective portrayal of the […]

Should an athlete ever suffer from a sports injury? (Part 2)

How can you prevent an injury occurring? In my previous blog I asked the question; should an athlete ever suffer from a sports injury? I concluded it by saying injuries can occur, through external, uncontrollable influences, but in essence a comprehensive training programme should prepare you for the physical demands you require and can control. […]

Should an athlete ever suffer from a sports injury?

  During this years Australian Open there were 12 matches forfeited due to injury to a participating player(, which is a statistic that doesn’t include players that withdrew prior to the tournament commencing or players, like Rafael Nadal in the final, who were injured during a match but continued until the contest was concluded.   […]