Ben is a performance coach. He is an expert in understanding how to break down movement in any sport or activity, and understand what happens to the bones, joints and muscles when they function properly as well as highlighting dysfunctions when they occur. When the bones move in the correct sequence and the joints feel what they should feel, the muscles around the joint will react, improving performance significantly. Ben believes that movement is an holistic process where mind and body have to be in unison for you to perform optimally. When you apply this approach to your specific training programme, expect to see rapid increases in performance and significant enhancement of injury prevention.

Ben currently delivers the U12 Tennis Academy Strength & Condition Programme at Oxstalls Sports Complex in Gloucester, as well as working with Tennis programmes at St Peters High School in Gloucester and the East Glos Club in Cheltenham. Through his work in Tennis Ben has helped develop athletes who have won and competed at every junior level nationally & internationally.

Ben is also the lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for Wycliffe College Squash Academy, who are ranked number 1 school in the UK for squash and boast several top 10 British players in their respective age categories, alongside a couple of players who have represented internationally.

Ben also works with several professional and semi professional athletes in Squash, Triathlon, Hockey, Rowing, Running and Tennis.


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