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Ensure you run the right way this year! (Part 2/2)

In part 1 we discussed clothing and physical preparation to running in tips 1-5 So my final 6-10 tips for enhanced running ability if you are new to the primitive form of exercise are below. With tip 10 being THE most important of them all! 6)   Hydration Less is more. When running small frequent sips […]

Ensure you run the right way this year! (Part 1/2) 1

Every year people wake up on the 1st of January, throw back their covers and declare to the world they are going to change! How they change, and if they change could be a post on its own, however, the majority will declare that they will endeavour to get fit, healthy, lose weight or achieve […]


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Ben is functional performance coach. He is an expert in understanding how to break down movement in any sport or activity, and understand what happens to the bones, joints and muscles when they function properly as well as highlighting dysfunctions when they occur. When the bones move in the correct sequence and the joints feel what they should feel, the muscles around the joint will react, improving performance significantly. Ben believes muscles are reactive to bone movement and speeds, and not proactive in driving motion. When you apply this approach to your specific training programme, expect to see rapid increases in performance and significant enhancement of injury prevention.

Ben currently delivers the Tennis Academy Strength & Condition Programme at Oxstalls Sports Complex in Gloucester, as well as working with Tennis programmes at St Peters High School in Gloucester and the East Glos Club in Cheltenham. Through his work in Tennis Ben has helped develop athletes who have won and competed at every junior level nationally. Ben also delivered the Strength & Conditioning at the 2013 Algarve Open Tennis Academy.

Ben also works closely with many local running, golf and sports clubs, including the National League Men’s 1st team at Cheltenham Hockey Club, International Triathletes and has worked at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club on a work experience placement, as well as being a consultant with the England Table Tennis Association national development squads. He has also developed strong working partnerships with many local business’ and health practitioners to provide the highest standard of service possible.